Company Advantages

Leading Companies Trusted

11-year supplier of big boxes, Walmart, Kmart, Tesco, and Auchan.

Certificated Factory

Ethical audit & ‎sustainable supply chains: BSCI & FSC, D&B rating: low risk

Quality Assurance

Qualified QC trained by 3rd Party, Walmart & Kmart self-inspection factory

In-house Lab

Provide better products with more thorough analyses
W&K Craft  
Focusing On Art Materials
W&K, your trusted manufacturing & trading company specializing in art materials and crafts since 2006. We take pride in offering a diverse range of products, including painting colors, artist brushes, DIY & craft kits, and various art accessories.
Art and Crafts Materials
We facilitate clients to quickly locate solutions tailored to their specific needs.
All Things for Art Creativity
Custom Artist Sets For You
We love to see your custom creations

Client Consultation

Gather Product Information
We start by talking with the client to understand their product needs and preferences. 

Free Design

Custom Packaging Artwork
Our OEM services include free design options for packaging artwork that aligns with the brand's identity.

Mass Production

Making the Products
After finalizing the product details, we begin mass production using top-notch facilities for high-quality results.

Inspection Report

Quality Checked
Before delivery, our qualified inspectors thoroughly check final products to ensure they meet the client's standards.
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Uses of Art Metal Tripods

Metal tripods for art are flexible instruments that are frequently utilized in a wide range of industries and professions. These strong and adaptable supports offer stability and flexibility, making them indispensable in a variety of applications. From photography and videography to surveying and co

Introduction To Pouring Acrylic Paint: Unleash Your Creativity

Because of its versatility and brilliant colors, acrylic paint has long been a preferred medium among painters. However, a new trend has evolved within the field of acrylics that is catching the art world by storm – pouring acrylic paint. This novel technique enables artists to achieve fascinating a

About Children's Sponge Paint Brushes

Sponge paint brushes are made specifically for young artists. They provide a fun and unique approach for kids to practice with different painting styles while also keeping them safe. These brushes are constructed of soft, non-toxic materials

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