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Art Materials
As a combined manufacturing & trading company, W&K has specialized in art materials and crafts for 17 years. We offer a wide portfolio of products including painting colors, artist brushes, DIY & craft kits and other art accessories. Located in Yangzhou, China, our factory has BSCI, FCCA, SCS, and FSC certificates. We provide products and services for big-box retailers such as Walmart, Kmart, Auchan and Tesco.
With our great emphasis on R&D, hundreds of new products are developed each year. We are passionate about art and creativity. Explore our extensive collection and offer your customers the perfect outlet to express themselves through art. Join us on a creative adventure and enhance your business today!
Company Advantages
We love to see your custom creations

Leading Companies Trusted

11-year supplier of big boxes, Walmart, Kmart, Tesco, and Auchan.

Certificated Factory

Ethical audit & ‎sustainable supply chains: BSCI & FSC, D&B rating: low risk

Quality Assurance

Qualified QC trained by 3rd party

In-house Lab

Provide better products with more thorough analyses
Production Workshop
Grinding Workshop
Automatic Filling Machine
In-house Lab
Brush Head Making
Brush Assemble Machine
Sampling Room
Quality Management System

Raw Material Assessment

From the finest bristles to the most vibrant pigments, each component undergoes rigorous evaluation to meet our exacting standards.
Raw materials are inspected, and only the qualified ones will on their way into our manufacturing process.

In-Process Monitoring

Throughout the production process, each stage is closely monitored. The first article are sealed for guiding purpose. Calibrated tools are applied to verify dimensional accuracy. Critical function tests are conducted to ensure that the brushes or painting colors are thoroughly capable of performing the essential tasks they are designed for.

Data-Driven Documentation

Each inspection is meticulously documented, creating a comprehensive record of quality assessments. This documentation ensures traceability, accountability, and the ability to refine our processes for future perfection.

Final Inspections

Prior to shipping, each batch of products undergoes a final inspection conducted by our skilled and trained inspectors.
Factory Capability and Capacity Audited by Walmart
Company Certificate​​​​​​​
Each certificate is a mark of distinction that reinforces our promise to provide you 
with nothing less than the better art materials
Download File
  • 01 Painting Colors.pdf

  • 02 Painting Brushes.pdf

  • 03 Foam Brushes.pdf

  • 04 DIY.pdf

  • 05 Art Sets.pdf

  • 06 Pads.pdf

  • 07 Pottery Tools.pdf

  • 08 Easel.pdf

  • 09 Canvas.pdf

  • 10 Accessory.pdf

  • BSCI.pdf

  • EN71.pdf

  • FSC.pdf

  • TUV Mark.pdf

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We take pride in offering a diverse range of products
Feel free to reach out to us for any further inquiries or assistance. We're here to provide top-notch service and ensure your needs are met.

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