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Chain Retailers 
Our collaboration with Walmart Supermarket dates back to 2013, when we received a call from Walmart's procurement office. They inquired about our art sets and kids painting brush items.This marked the beginning of our partnership with Walmart.

Over the course of ten years of collaboration with the world's largest supermarket chain, we have come to understand the concept of a "buying trip" and how to effectively show buyers the hot selling art and craft products.
During these ten years of partnership, we have learned that it's not only about dedicated hard work but also about staying attuned to industry developments. This knowledge has enabled us to provide better service to our clients.

Through our collaboration with Walmart, we gained valuable insights into the operations and requirements of large-scale retail chains. By delivering high-quality products, exceptional service, and flexible cooperation methods, we successfully met their needs, earning a positive reputation and valuable experience.This experience fills us with confidence as we approach collaborations with TESCO, Kmart, LIDL, AUCHAN, and others. Drawing from our partnership with Walmart, we are dedicated to tailoring our approach to the unique characteristics and market demands of each supermarket, ensuring that we provide them with top-notch products and services.

We are committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships and believe that through these collaborations, our business will experience further growth and opportunities.
I have been working with W&K for nearly 20 years, witnessing the growth of both our companies.

I remember our first encounter vividly – it was at a booth during the Canton Fair. Ms. Zhang Ping, the founder of W&K, left a lasting impression on me with her profound expertise in the painting industry. Initially, W&K operated as a trading company, assisting me in finding suitable factories and managing the sourcing and shipment process.

As time went on, they established their own manufacturing facility.Their development allowed them to provide us with enhanced services and more competitive prices in painting colors and brushes.

Twice a year, we meet at the Canton Fair. We strategize for the upcoming year's product development and orders. With each encounter, I grow more confident in our future together. 
Steven, CEO
E-commerce Business Owners
As an E-commerce business owner with a passion for delivering exceptional experiences, my journey took a transformative turn when I sent a painting brush enqiruy to W&K.

Right from the start, I was amazed by W&K's quick reponse and expertise in painting brushes.This gave me the initial confidence to work with them.

Packaging, I knew, was more than just a box or a head card– it was a way to show off my brand's personality. W&K is not only experts in art supplies, but also equips with excellent design team. They turned plain die line into beautiful artworks that match my brand perfectly.

W&K did more than just design pretty packages. They were also really careful about making sure everything was perfect before it left their place. This meant I could trust that my customers were getting top-notch products.

Through it all, W&K was more than a supplier – they were my partners in making my brand unique!
Naomi, on-line business founder
Art Studios and Workshops
I used to purchase pottery tools for my studio from professional craft chain stores, but the high retail prices were putting a strain on my budget. One day, I had a fortunate encounter with Alex from W&K.

He introduced me to a range of standard pottery tools they had in stock, all with a neutral logo, and ready for immediate shipment. When he quoted me the prices, I was utterly amazed. It was incredibly affordable! Even with shipping costs, it would save me a significant amount compared to buying from retail stores.

Feeling intrigued, I decided to order a sample batch from W&K. Upon receiving the samples, I meticulously compared the products. To my delight, the quality of W&K's tools was exceptional, on par with the pottery tools I used to buy from physical stores. This realization prompted me to place my first small-scale order, marking the start of my journey into international trade.

The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality offered by W&K's products made a lasting impression on me.
Patrick, founder of pottery studio

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