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I have been working with W&K for nearly 20 years, witnessing the growth of both our companies.

I remember our first encounter vividly – it was at a booth during the Canton Fair. Ms. Zhang Ping, the founder of W&K, left a lasting impression on me with her profound expertise in the painting industry. Initially, W&K operated as a trading company, assisting me in finding suitable factories and managing the sourcing and shipment process.

As time went on, they established their own manufacturing facility.Their development allowed them to provide us with enhanced services and more competitive prices in painting colors and brushes.

Twice a year, we meet at the Canton Fair. We strategize for the upcoming year's product development and orders. With each encounter, I grow more confident in our future together.

 Steven, CEO

Client Consultation

Gather Product Information
We start by talking with the client to understand their product needs and preferences. 

Free Design

Custom Packaging Artwork
Our OEM services include free design options for packaging artwork that aligns with the brand's identity.

Mass Production

Making the Products
After finalizing the product details, we begin mass production using top-notch facilities for high-quality results.

Inspection Report

Quality Checked
Before delivery, our qualified inspectors thoroughly check final products to ensure they meet the client's standards.

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