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Some Gifts about Art for Christmas

Views: 25     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-13      Origin: Site


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Christmas is coming, and I believe most people are carefully preparing gifts. I believe that some of the products in our store will be a good choice, and I believe they will be very popular in your store.

1.Christmas Project Air Dry Clay Set产品16 (3)

The set contains everything needed for clay activity. Sculpt, carve, paint and varnish everything you want, especially a great choice for kids. It’s soft and easy to manipulate and gets dry quickly. The smooth surface makes it a joy to paint on.I think the Christmas theme will be more popular among young people and children.

This is the product link:Make Your Own Air Dry Clay Projects Set

产品17 (1)2.Acrylic Paint Starter Set

I think there are many children who are interested in painting. At this time, giving a paint set for beginners must be a good choice. The set can get everything you need when you start learning to draw in one go. The set includes a wooden easel, a set of 12 paints, four brushes, a palette and a pre-patterned canvas

This is the product link:Acrylic Paint Starter Set

3.Mermaid Pouring Art Canvas Kit产品15 (3)

This is a mermaid fluid paint set. Compared with ordinary acrylic paint, fluid paint is simpler to operate and can be easily mixed to create beautiful colors. It is more suitable for people without painting foundation. At the same time, it can be used as a Christmas gift and has a much larger audience.

This is the product link:Mermaid Pouring Art Canvas Kit

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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