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What Is A French Style Easel?

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A French style easel, also known as a plein air easel or tripod easel, is a portable and versatile type of easel that is often used by painters, particularly those who paint outdoors or en plein air. Its name comes from its affiliation with French Impressionist painters who popularized outdoor painting.

The French style easel is often made up of three basic components:

  1. Tripod:

    The easel is supported by a robust tripod base, which is typically composed of wood or metal. The tripod legs may be changed for height and angle, allowing the artist to position the easel on uneven terrain.

  2. Hinged Box:

    The easel has a hinged box or drawer that acts as a compartment for creative supplies. This box is attached to the tripod and folds down for simple transportation. It frequently contains many compartments to store paints, brushes, painting knives, and other necessary tools.

  3. Adjustable Canvas Support:

    The canvas support on a French style easel is usually a wooden panel or mast that can be changed in height and angle. This allows the artist to put the canvas or painting surface at a comfortable working height and tilt it to the desired angle for the best painting results.

The specific features and add-ons of a French style easel can differ based on the brand and model, with options like an integrated palette, places to hold brushes, or even a shoulder strap for simpler transport.

Known for their ease of transport and practical design, French style easels stand out as both light and foldable, making them ideal for outdoor-painting. They include a storage compartment for art materials, removing the necessity for an additional bag.

With their ability to support a range of canvas sizes, these easels are adaptable for both minor and major projects.  Their customizable canvas holders and three-legged design allow for setup on varied surfaces, providing both steadiness and flexibility for outdoor art sessions.

Cherished by outdoor painters and those who prefer the natural light outside the confines of a studio, French style easels are a smart choice for transporting painting supplies and establishing a firm workspace in the great outdoors.

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